Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

TNC’s 2023-2024 DEIJ Annual Report

Illustration of a sunset over a body of water with mountains on its edges, as seen through a dense forest.

Accountability starts with us. Explore this year's report stories now as we continue our DEIJ learning journey.

We hope you enjoy exploring these learnings and engagements from colleagues across the globe. The four main sections of this year’s report are inspired by TNC’s DEIJ Compass, which serves as our organizational framework for infusing DEIJ values in every aspect of our work. To get a better understanding of each section, we encourage you to watch the introductory videos from some of our amazing staff. 

Thank you for your interest and support to continuously improve and carry out our shared vision for a more diverse, equitable, inclusive and just TNC.

Four Pillars of TNC’s DEIJ Compass

  • Line illustration of three people standing in front of a globe representing the Earth.


    Highlighting the colleagues and partners advancing our shared 2030 goals.

  • Line illustration of a clipboard showing x's and o's in a sporting formation.


    Centering human rights and well-being to help people and nature thrive.

  • Line illustration of a hand holding a sprocketed gear.


    Amplifying diverse perspectives through communication and advocacy.

  • Line illustration of a bullhorn with lines coming from the speaker to represent sound.


    Examining our global investments and funding models through a DEIJ lens.