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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Aerial view of a vast landscape of agricultural field, homes, hills, and mountains with a double rainbow appearing over the fields.
Double Rainbow Early morning rain storm over Montrose, CO, one of the sites toured by TNC in tandem with Pepsico demonstrating forest & fire management and irrigation efficiency projects. © Ken Geiger/The Nature Conservancy

TNC’s 2023 DEIJ Annual Report

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The Nature Conservancy values dignity and respect for all.

We believe conservation is best advanced when diverse teams, partners and local communities are working together to better understand and protect our planet. In support of TNC’s values and mission, the Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (GDEI) team is dedicated to an inclusive workplace where our staff, volunteers and external partners represent, appreciate and uplift the communities we serve and intend to serve. To develop our staff's cultural competencies and build on our DEI foundation across the globe, the GDEI team is currently working on measuring DEI across TNC, building up our team, investing in trainings and educational opportunities, and strengthening our GDEI vision. Reach out to gdei@tnc.org with any questions or feedback.

Our work would not be possible without the incredible partnership with our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).

Employee Resource Groups

  • Two women sit on the ground and weave rattan baskets in Borneo.

    Alliance for Diverse Asian & Pacific Islander Talent (ADAPT) with Nature

    Celebrating and sharing the strengths and diversity of the Asian and Pacific Islander community in order to be visible and vocal at all levels of The Nature Conservancy.

  • Aerial view looking straight down on a forest.


    Enabling skilled, seasoned professionals to make the most of their TNC careers through mentoring, special projects, retirement planning and post-career roles.

  • Several members of the League of Employees of African Descent pose for the camera.

    League of Employees of African Descent

    Fostering leadership and development of employees of African descent in service of protecting the lands and waters on which we all depend.

  • Several members of the Multicultural Employee Resource Group pose for the camera.

    Multicultural Employee Resource Group

    Unleashing the full potential of our racial and cultural differences around the world to protect the lands and waters upon which life depends.

  • A rainbow shines down on an African plain while several cheetahs sit in the foreground.

    Nature's Pride

    Creating a culture of inclusion and leveraging the full potential of TNC staff with respect to sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression to ensure conservation success.

  • Dozens of TNC staff all wear yellow t-shirts and stand as a group knee-deep in water.


    Fostering a culture of compassion at TNC and embracing the value that people of all abilities bring to the organization.

  • An American flag curls over a goldfinch that is sitting on the tip of the flag.

    Veterans in Nature's Service (VINS)

    Leveraging the full potential of veterans and their families to realize the inherent potential of these protected lands and waters to benefit the well-being and quality of life of all veterans.

  • Several members of the Women in Nature group pose for the camera.

    Women In Nature

    Working to advance gender equality both within and beyond TNC.

  • Three members of the Young Emerging Professionals group sit on chairs in a large room.

    Young Emerging Professionals

    Leveraging the full potential of young and emerging professionals at The Nature Conservancy to ensure conservation success.