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Canyon Lake Dam, Canyon Lake Texas
The Edge - Phil Lewis Canyon Lake Dam, Canyon Lake Texas © Phil Lewis

A Future Where People and Nature Thrive

The actions we take over this next decade will define the planet's path over the next century. The Nature Conservancy is urgently taking on the dual threats of biodiversity loss and the climate crisis, maximizing resilience and benefits for communities. What we achieve is just as important as how. By letting science guide our focus and equity guide our execution, we can shape a better 2030 for our planet.

  • East Kalimantan, India

    Tackle Climate Change

    Global temperatures have sharply risen over the last century, and it is clear that swift, bold action is required to avoid the increasingly severe impacts of climate change. Explore

  • Aerial view of the Holmes River, British Columbia

    Protect Land and Water

    We have helped protect more than 119 million acres of land, countless miles of rivers and streams and the world’s largest oceans. And we plan to protect more by 2025. Explore

  • Picking tea leaves in Kenya

    Provide Food and Water Sustainably

    Food demand is expected to increase by more than 50 percent in just the next 30 years as the world’s population continues to grow—it’s a challenge that can be met. Explore

  • New York City Skyline

    Build Healthy Cities

    By 2050, two-thirds of people will live in cities. Thoughtful planning, smart growth and nature can generate benefits for communities, for people’s health and for the economy. Explore

Western Grey Kangaroo near the CCB Wetland System
Western Grey Kangaroo near the Western Grey Kangaroo near the CCB Wetland System © Andrew Peacock/TNC