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Our Goals to Meet by 2030

What we do between now and 2030 will determine whether we avoid the worst impacts of climate change, slow down species loss, and safeguard people.

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    Avoid or sequester 3 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

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    Help 100 million people at severe risk of climate-related emergencies.

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    Partner with communities around the globe to conserve 650 million hectares (about 1.6 billion acres) of land.

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    Conserve nearly 10 billion acres of ocean.

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    Conserve 30M hectares of lakes & wetlands, 1M kilometers of river systems.

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    Support 45 million people, partnering with local and Indigenous communities.

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Fishermen from Pate Island in Lamu County.
× The toss // This photo is of a Cedar waxwing feeding on crabapples. I took this photo one cold winter morning in Elgin, Illinois in our neighborhood. I had come across a flock of cedar waxwings feeding in a crabapple tree. They are one of my favorite birds so I stopped and spent some time photographing them. I was thrilled to capture this image of one of the waxwings!

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