Our People

Blair Smyth

Allegheny Highlands Program Director, Virginia

Lexington, VA

Headshot of a smiling man with a beard.

Blair Smyth Allegheny Highlands Program Director. © Courtesy Blair Smyth

Areas of Expertise

Forest conservation, ecology, land management, wildlife biology

Media Contact

Kelley Galownia


Blair Smyth joined the Virginia chapter in 2019 after working most of his career as a wildlife biologist for universities and various state agencies.  As a district biologist for the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources (DWR), Blair led a black bear research project—putting GPS collars on sows, looking at how they used the habitat, how their movements changed during hunting season and placing orphaned cubs with foster moms. 

While still passionate about wildlife, Blair is part of a team that works with a range of partners, including the US Forest Service, Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation and DWR, to increase forest restoration across the Allegheny Highlands region of Virginia. Areas of program emphasis include prescribed fire, monitoring and research, leading collaborative stakeholder groups and land protection efforts. Collaborating with partners allows Blair and the Allegheny Highlands team to work together to achieve lasting impacts at a landscape level. 

Blair holds a Bachelors of Science degree from the University of Arkansas-Monticello. 

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