Jardines de la ReinaNational Park, Cuba.
Elkhorn coral Jardines de la ReinaNational Park, Cuba. © Ian Shive

Cause Marketing

Our Partnership With Minecraft

Supporting coral reefs, a vital part of our planet

Covering less than one percent of the planet, coral reefs are home to 25 percent of marine species and supply food to millions of people. They are also vital to our ocean economy, providing billions of dollars in services, such as coastal protection, jobs, tourism and more. But coral reefs are one of the most threatened marine systems on the planet.

Protecting and restoring coral reefs through Minecraft play

Coral Crafters – How Minecraft Helped the Oceans! To celebrate the Minecraft Update Aquatic, Minecraft has been working with TNC and other partners to help the real-world oceans, through Coral Crafters – a project to help coral reefs!

Joining The Nature Conservancy in its coral restoration efforts, Minecraft created a way to protect and restore coral reefs through play. With the launch of its Update Aquatic in 2018, Minecraft invited gamers to build with coral in-game to help restore and regrow coral in real life. Shortly after the update launched, it took players only two days to place more than 10 million coral blocks in game, prompting Minecraft to contribute $100,000 to TNC.

Additionally, through June 30, 2020 Minecraft contributed the net proceeds from its Coral Crafters Skin Pack, a selection of sea-worthy skins from Ocean Explorer to Sea Pickle Monster, to support TNC’s coral restoration work.

Coral Reefs Need Help Now

Coral reefs are some of the most important ecosystems we have in the world. Unless we take immediate action, scientists estimate that we could lose up to 70 percent of coral reefs by 2050.

Click here to learn more about the Conservancy’s coral restoration efforts.