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Transforming the way we protect nature.

NatureVest is TNC's conservation investing unit.

Our Mission

While philanthropy and public funding have long been essential to conserving our natural resources, the massive scale of today’s environmental challenges requires additional sources of financing. NatureVest’s mission is to engage private capital to rapidly scale critical conservation work around the world by creating investment opportunities in a wide variety of sectors that deliver environmental results and financial returns for investors.

To achieve this, we source and structure investments that support The Nature Conservancy’s mission, raise capital from investors looking to generate both financial returns and conservation outcomes and share our experience with the investment and conservation communities to accelerate the growth of the conservation investing marketplace.

Our Approach

Since 2014, we have helped source more than $1.3 billion of investment capital to put to work toward measurable conservation outcomes. In order to continue growing TNC's impact capital portfolio, NatureVest does three things:

Our team members work with our colleagues in TNC’s operating units, as well as with conservation collaborators around the world, to source and structure investment products that support the organization’s mission.

We engage impact investors to source impact capital in effective, scalable ways—using the TNC's deep insights in science, policy and practice and its relationships with the capital markets, businesses and government.

We share our knowledge and experience broadly to build a stronger community of support for investing in nature.

Our History

Throughout its history, TNC has achieved results through innovative transaction-based structures, such as fishing quota acquisition, debt restructuring, water funds, New Markets Tax Credits and others.

As the impact investing market began to take shape and grow, TNC saw an opportunity to leverage private capital for conservation. With support from the Robertson Foundation in 2010, TNC launched its impact capital strategy and created a deal team charged with developing investable conservation deals in North America. This support led to the 2012 launch of the Conservation Note—the organization’s first broad investment offering, providing all types of investors with a way to support conservation through investment. The response from investors was swift and positive, and the Note was fully subscribed within a year.

TNC also founded NatLab with its partners Nature Resources Defense Council and Encourage Capital (formerly EKO Asset Management). NatLab received funding from The Rockefeller Foundation to work with the City of Philadelphia on a private investment vehicle for funding green infrastructure. Dr. Judith Rodin, President of The Rockefeller Foundation, and Margot Brandenburg highlighted the Notes and the NatLab’s green infrastructure work in their definitive introduction to the field of impact investing, The Power of Impact Investing.

With support from the Jeremy and Hannelore Grantham Environmental Trust, TNC created an international deal team focused on sourcing deals from around the world, including forest carbon financemitigation and debt restructuring for climate adaptation.

In 2014, with founding sponsorship from JPMorgan Chase & Co., TNC formed NatureVest, a dedicated and more comprehensive conservation finance platform. This allowed us to bring the two deal teams together and to leverage the combined expertise, scope and scale of both teams and of JPMorgan Chase & Co. NatureVest’s founding also enabled us to add additional expertise to build thought leadership for the growing conservation investing space.

Providing a Platform for Conservation Investment

NatureVest creates and transacts investments aimed at delivering conservation results and financial returns for investors in a wide variety of geographies and sectors around the world. We collaborate with conservation teams on projects that engage the participation of a range of investors and generate a consistent source of capital to support the completion of these projects.

Investment Areas

  • aerial view of forested mountains

    Forests & Carbon

    Forests provide wildlife habitat, clean water, carbon storage and economic opportunity. TNC is transforming how we use timberlands, inspiring better land-use practices and protecting habitats. Learn more

  • palm trees over a beach

    Ocean Protection

    With marine ecosystems and fisheries around the world threatened by climate change and over-fishing, leaders across sectors are recognizing and leveraging potential solutions in nature. Learn more

  • person surrounded by cattle

    Sustainable Agriculture & Water

    Thoughtful land use regimes and sustainable practices can maintain the world's current agricultural footprint and still provide food security for a population of 9 billion. Learn more

  • aerial view of a wetland

    Green Infrastructure for Cities

    TNC aims to help cities accelerate the use of green infrastructure to manage stormwater runoff by attracting private capital to support these projects, creating environmental and social benefits. Learn more

Now is the Time to Add Nature to Your Portfolio

NatureVest research has found that there is currently a $31.7 billion and growing market for investing in conservation. Over the next five years, private investment in conservation is expected to triple. NatureVest is developing a pipeline of deals that are ready to receive impact capital and can scale conservation work around the globe, while also delivering a financial return for investors.

Our investment opportunities have a range of risk and return profiles and therefore appeal to an expansive audience of conservation impact investors including, but not limited to individuals, foundations, family offices, pension funds and development finance institutions.

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NatureVest Materials

  • aerial view of forested mountains

    NatureVest Brochure

    Philanthropy and public funding have long been essential to protecting our natural resources, but the massive scale of today’s environmental challenges requires additional sources of financing. Browse the brochure.

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    State of Private Investment in Conservation 2016

    This report builds upon the 2014 publication, Investing in Conservation: A landscape assessment of an emerging market, and tracks the burgeoning field of conservation investing. Read the report.

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    Investing in Conservation

    A landscape assessment of an emerging market. This 2014 report documented the first-ever survey of conservation impact investing and revealed a market of approximately $23 billion between 2009-2014. Read the report.

External Research Reports

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    Making Conservation Finance Investable

    Conservation finance is an undeveloped investment opportunity that offers the potential to conserve some of the world's vital ecosystems while also providing a financial return. Read the report.

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