A Playbook for Climate Action

Five ways to spark global, multisector change for the planet right now

Despite overwhelming evidence that climate breakdown is already in progress, and the global consensus that led to the 2015 Paris Agreement, action from governments and corporations still lags far behind what’s necessary to keep the planet below a 2℃ threshold of warming, and nowhere near what’s required to stay below the 1.5℃ target that many developing nations believe is needed for their very survival.

But we can still bridge the gap between what’s been promised to date and what scientific consensus says is required. Many of the actions that countries and corporations can take are not a mystery. National governments around the world are already embarking upon pathways toward a low-carbon future. Many of these pathways show tremendous promise, and if they are scaled up and replicated across more geographies, we might see meaningful emissions reductions and a better long-term forecast for our rapidly warming planet.

Most efforts and funding to date have been focused on accelerating the transition to clean energy and improving energy efficiency. We can’t tackle climate change without transforming our energy systems—but it’s just as urgent to harness the power of natural landscapes that can both reduce climate impacts and mitigate further carbon emissions.

That’s why The Nature Conservancy (TNC) is committed to advancing a comprehensive suite of innovative, science-based solutions for optimizing the policy levers, financial tools, nature-based technologies, and smart development necessary to minimize temperature rise and climate-related impacts to communities.

Most importantly, these climate actions represent opportunities that both the private and the public sectors can employ right now. The five solutions in this playbook are already providing real, tangible benefits for people and nature around the world, and they show that a diversity of ambitious approaches are available to suit different geographies, capacities and other factors.

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    Playbook for Climate Action

    Pathways for Countries and Businesses to Help Address Climate Change Today

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    Playbook for Climate Finance

    Innovative Strategies to Finance a Cooler, Safer Planet