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Gifts Through IRAs

A fuzzy white caterpillar with huge black eyes
Caterpillar on sweet clover Weiss Acres - Sarpy County, Nebraska © Chris Helzer/TNC

Use Your IRA to Support Nature

If you are 70½ or older, you can make a tax-free distribution from your traditional or Roth IRA to The Nature Conservancy. It's an efficient way to support the causes that matter to you most.

Making Your Gift

Contact your IRA custodian and ask them to send the check for a “qualified charitable distribution” to The Nature Conservancy to the attention of the Treasury IRA at the following address:

The Nature Conservancy, attn: Treasury IRA
4245 North Fairfax Drive Ste. 100
Arlington, VA 22203

Please request that your IRA custodian reference your name and address if possible. If you have questions about a gift from your IRA that has already been made, please contact our Member Care team at (800) 628-6860

Please Note


If you are still working and contributing to a retirement account, this gift could impact your taxable income. Please consult a qualified advisor before making a gift. If you’re under the age of 70½, you can use your IRA to support TNC’s work by making a withdrawal and donating the proceeds after taxes OR by designating TNC as a beneficiary of your retirement plan. For more information, please contact one of our gift planning experts.


Directing our IRA distributions directly to the Conservancy allows us to use some of our income to support what we care most about.

a songbird sitting on a tree branch
Mad Island Marsh ALL INTERNAL RIGHTS, LIMITED EXTERNAL RIGHTS. December 2013. The Mad Island Marsh Preserve protects 7,063 acres, including rare tallgrass coastal prairies. Every winter, birders flock to preserves and parks to tally species and take part in the Christmas Bird Count, a friendly competition that pits teams from across the contitent against each other. For five years, the team at The Nature Conservancy's Mad Island Marsh Preserve has come out ahead. Photo credit: © Karine Aigner © Karine Aigner