Laohegou Nature Reserve Misty mountain peaks of Laohegou Nature Reserve, Pingwu County, Sichuan Province, China. © Nick Hall

Plant a Billion


Restoring forests that serve as critical habitat for endangered species

Help Us Regreen China

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The forests of China’s Yunnan and Sichuan provinces are home to endangered species including the iconic panda and the golden monkey. Increased development and a growing demand for wood products is turning what used to be some of the most species-rich forests in the world to small, unsustainable groups of trees.

Reforestation in these provinces can help save endangered species, provide clean water and productive farmland for millions of people, and regulate the climate for our planet.

Will you help us regreen China? 

Yunnan Province
Planting here not only provides the benefits of forests, but also jobs for communities so they have the knowledge and skills to protect the ecosystem where they live
Yunnan Province
The forests of this area are the habitat of the Yunnan Golden Monkey. To expand and reconnect the monkey’s forest home, we are planting around exhisting habitat to reconnect.
Sichuan Province
The Plant a Billion projects in China bring employment opportunities to over one thousand local people in China.
Sichuan Province
The project lands are within the panda nature reserves and will extend habitats and recreate corridors for the iconic giant panda.

Planting Trees Across China Explore the map above by clicking on locations to learn more about our planting sites.