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Aravaipa Canyon Preserve


Hikers viewed from behind sitting on a slope surrounded by cactuses, trees and shrubs.
Aravaipa hike Aravaipa Canyon Preserve. © Justin Bailie

Aravaipa Creek flows perennially through the full length of the preserve’s scenic canyon.

A Journey to the Wild Side of Southeastern Arizona From the bighorn sheep of the high cliffs to the tiny native fish in the stream, explore Aravaipa Canyon and the spectacular Sky Island region.

Photos from Aravaipa Canyon Preserve

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Close up of cattails with canyon in background
Close up shot of javelina
Red cactus blooms
Coatimundi standing on a rock
sun setting over field of red flowers
Far away shot of person hiking in creek with canyon walls
Close up shot of orange poppies and agave plant
Three hikers crossing creek within canyon walls
three hikers walking in a line above canyon
Cliffs at sunset