United States Capitol, Washington, DC
Washington, DC, USA. The United States Capitol in Washington, DC, USA. © Devan King/The Nature Conservancy

Science-based. Practical. Nonpartisan.

The Nature Conservancy advances policy solutions that work for people and nature. Our policy recommendations are drawn from the hands-on experience of decades of working with people from all walks of life, with businesses and industries, and with governments from the local, national and global levels.

We believe the health of natural systems and the welfare of human communities are closely linked, and that diverse public and private interests can work together to achieve lasting conservation success.

The Nature Conservancy uses a practical, nonpartisan approach and a firm basis in science to show policymakers how nature can provide effective solutions to major global challenges like improving water quality and security, climate change, sustainable agriculture and disaster risk reduction. 

Nature unites us. We all need healthy lands, clean water and clear air, so supporting these resources is something people across race, politics, class and other lines can work together to support.

Chief External Affairs Officer
Terraced fields along the Mississippi River
Terraced fields Terraced fields along the Mississippi River near Harper's Ferry, Iowa. © Robert J. Hurt

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Influencing policy decisions is critical but complicated work. Let us know if you need more information on conservation policy priorities around the globe.