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A flock of ten white and tan birds with long, thin beaks in flight.
Whimbrels (Numenius phaeopus): The Nature Conservancy's Virginia Coast Reserve is a globally important stopover site for these and other migratory birds. © Barry Truitt/TNC

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Latest News

  • State Work Group on Solar Development Achieves Little Consensus

    Virginia Mercury | December 20, 2022

    Siting of solar projects is the subject of growing debate in Virginia, one in which TNC has become a key voice. Associate State Director Nikki Rovner is quoted twice in the story sharing what consensus around this topic should look like and why forested land is so important to water quality and carbon sequestration.

  • Editorial: Bipartisan Consensus on Solar Encouraging

    The Roanoke Times | December 16, 2022

    Associate State Director Nikki Rovner is quoted in this editorial applauding the bipartisan push to responsibly expand renewable energy in Virginia, referencing TNC's collaboration with solar companies to develop some of the first utility-scale solar projects on former surface mines in the coalfields of Southwest Virginia.

  • On the Edge of Retreat

    Washington Post | November 28, 2022

    An Eastern Shore community left their homes on Hog Island in the 1930s to escape storms and rising seas. A new generation is now grappling with many of the same threats faced by their parents and grandparents. Volgenau Virginia Coast Reserve Program Director Jill Bieri is quoted in this multimedia feature examining the challenges faced by an Eastern Shore community grappling with climate change.

  • Saving Island Birds

    Chesapeake Bay Magazine | November 17, 2022

    In August, Chesapeake Bay Magazine reporter Marty LeGrand joined TNC staff on the Eastern Shore to learn about the Volgenau Virginia Coast Reserve program's migratory bird work, spending a day with TNC Coastal Scientist Alex Wilke as she checks on shorebird nests.

  • Department of Forestry Creates 200th Conservation Easement in Virginia

    Augusta Free Press | November 5, 2022

    The Virginia Department of Forestry (DOF) has announced the creation of its 200th conservation easement in the Commonwealth of Virginia with the addition of the 1,428-acre property in Wise County known as Pine Mountain.

    DOF collaborated with The Nature Conservancy to help conserve more than 1,400 acres of managed forests and four miles of headwater streams. TNC identifies Pine Mountain as an essential forested corridor for wildlife movement in the Central Appalachians. 

  • Virginia Brewery Uses Eastern Shore Eelgrass in Conservation-Themed Brew

    WHRO Public Media | October 4, 2022

    Jon Warner, lab director and co-owner of Richmond’s Väsen Brewing Company joined Volgenau Virginia Coast Reserve (VVCR) staff in the seaside bays of Virginia’s Eastern Shore to grab the underwater plants for a conservation-themed brew.

    Named Barrier Islands Gose, it’s one of four beers nonprofit The Nature Conservancy launched over the weekend as part of what they call the OktoberForest Virginia Collection.

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