Valdivian Coastal Reserve

View looking up at the top of a giant, ancient tree with thick gray bark.
Ancient Species The alerce (Fitzroya cupressoides) is one of the most important protected species in the reserve; one recorded tree is around 2.000 years old. © Carolina Pino/TNC

Protecting one of the world's largest swathes of temperate rainforests in Chile

TNC is working with local people to implement projects that ensure livelihoods and sustainability, including Chile’s first forest carbon project, the largest reforestation effort in Chile. Working with local artisanal fisheries, TNC and partners promote responsible fishing and support for creating marine protected areas.

The Nature Conservancy works across the globe on conservation strategies ranging from protection of critical lands and waters to building and supporting resilient and sustainable conservation economies. In the face of a rapidly changing climate, the Conservancy recognizes the urgency to accelerate conservation in key regions and habitats with global ecological relevance. To advance the Conservancy's mission and improve the quality of lands and waters that populations around the world depend on, the Conservancy and BHP are working together on the Valdivian Coastal Reserve to preserve this emblematic land for Chile and the world.