TNC team member holds red mangrove seedling.
Eastern Caribbean | Nealla Frederick, part of TNC's Eastern Caribbean conservation team, plants red mangrove seedlings during a restoration project. © Tim Calver

Stories in the Caribbean

A Community Heals Ma Kôté

Bringing together scientists, government and conservation-minded community members, we helped restore one of Saint Lucia's most precious resources.

Through the Eastern Caribbean Marine Managed Areas Network, TNC and partners brought together scientists, government agencies and community members, including over 400 students, to restore the severely damaged Ma Kôté mangrove forest in Saint Lucia. Ma Kôté is the largest mangrove forest in the Eastern Caribbean. It protects communities along the southern coast of Saint Lucia from impacts of climate change like flooding and erosion, in addition to serving as habitat for juvenile fish.

Roughly 10% of the mangroves were dead and the damaged area was spreading due to poor water circulation issues that were addressed as part of the project. About 4,000 mangrove seedlings were planted and nearly 100% are growing successfully, with a full recovery of the forest now expected. We are extremely grateful for the enthusiastic participation of the community, including the many students who had so much fun learning and helping during the project, they were shouting "I love mangroves!" by the end.

Check out the video below for a look at what can be accomplished when scientists, government and community members—including lots of hard-working and fun-loving students—join forces for nature.

A Community Heals Ma Kôté TNC and partners bring an important mangrove forest back to life with the help of community members and students.