A green sea turtle swims near the surface of the ocean, with blue sky above and sunshine filtering through the water.
Caribbean | Healthy ocean habitats support endangered sea turtles. © Shane Gross

Stories in the Caribbean

Our Impact

Making a Difference in an Extraordinary Marine Region

U.S. Virgin Islands | A young woman enjoys the beach at TNC's Jack and Isaac Bay Preserve on St. Croix. © Marjo Aho

A Brighter Future

In a year filled with unfamiliar and daunting challenges, in the Caribbean and around the world, we were able to persevere and create meaningful impact during a crucial time for our planet—all thanks to our supporters.

Working with local partners and communities throughout the region, we advanced lasting conservation outcomes and helped create a healthier, more resilient future for people and nature. We led breakthroughs in coral reef protection and monitoring, supported islands recovering from hurricane devastation, and sparked a passion for conservation among those who will inherit the work of protecting the Caribbean's natural wonders.

We are proud to share our 2020 conservation wins and grateful for all the support and collaboration that makes this work possible.

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Making a Difference in the Caribbean

Highlights of 2020

  • A high-tech aircraft flies over deep blue ocean waters.

    Going to New Heights to Protect Coral Reefs

    Using cutting-edge technologies from outer space to undersea, TNC and partners created the first-ever detailed maps of coral reefs and other vital habitats throughout the Caribbean Basin. See the science.

  • A vibrant coral reef in blue waters with fish

    Promoting Reef-Friendly Seafood Choices

    Through the community-based Reef Responsible initiative, fishers, restaurants and consumers are learning about the importance of catching, selling and eating responsibly harvested seafood. Dive deeper.

  • A post-hurricane eroded shoreline against a sunset

    Mapping a Path for Resilience

    To protect people against dangerous floods and other climate-related threats, TNC and partners helped create a new mapping tool that reveals critical information about at-risk coastal communities. Explore the tool.

  • A young man scuba dives and examines a coral nursery

    Creating Opportunities for the Next Generation

    Young conservationists with a passion for protecting the ocean joined scientists in efforts to bring new life to dying coral reefs through internships at the Bahamas Coral Innovation Hub. Meet the interns.

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