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How can we empower Hong Kong’s youth to create a sustainable future? Nurturing future green leaders in Hong Kong is critical for addressing environmental issues in the Asia Pacific region.

To create a world where people and nature thrive will require paradigm-shifting strategies that change how people value nature. We need more people to understand the critical role nature plays in our lives and, in response, more people will be inspired to step up and do what they can to save nature. This is why we are nurturing future green leaders in Hong Kong is critical for fighting environmental issues in Asia Pacific.

Through The Nature Conservancy’s Act-Learn-Lead model, we are empowering students to be champions of change in their communities.

Since 2013, Nature Works Hong Kong has supported more than 300 environmental youth leaders to launch over 20 community projects. From encouraging more than two dozen institutions to use recycled paper to inventing and encouraging the use of a natural cleaning detergent made from household waste, students connect with the issues facing their communities and schools, and society gains improved sustainability practices and an inspired group of young leaders.


Nature Works Hong Kong Learning Hub is a broad-based engagement program with low barriers to entry for students, teachers and school to build more interest in environmental conservation and sustainability by connecting people the topics to their daily lives.  The online curriculum platform exposes students to a wide variety of applications for environmental science, developing their passion and interest in the topic, and provides pathways to deeper engagements in the ACT and LEAD segments.


The Citizen Science in Action provides passionate students with opportunities for meaningful action in the field of conservation and sustainability.  The program engages young people in conservation action, inculcating a culture of volunteerism in schools and communities and build their science thinking by the data collection and analysis in field work.


The Leadership Development Program offers students the opportunity to build leadership and entrepreneurship skills by creating real-world environmental conservation initiatives that bring measurable impact in their schools. The program aims to build pathways to further study and careers in the field, equipping participants with the demand by organizations working in conservation and adjacent industries.

Nature Works Hong Kong 2018 program highlights