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2022 Africa Year in Review

2022 Year in Review

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At the heart of every story in the Year in Review, there is you. Your love of Africa, your steadfast commitment, and your generosity are the essential forces behind every hard-earned achievement, every new reason for hope. Each beautiful photograph brings vividly to life the impact you are making, day after day, in the wild and in people’s lives.

Thank you for choosing us as your team to make  a profound and lasting difference in Africa.

Inside the Year in Review

  • children running through playground

    Achieving Unity Through Education

    A new school in northern Kenya—built with support from TNC donors—is bringing kids together for the peace and education they deserve. Read the Article

  • forest elephant

    Supporting Gabon’s Conservation Ambition

    To help meet its ambitious goals, Gabon is partnering with TNC and other organizations that have the expertise to advise on science-based conservation and land-use plans and the creation of transformational, lasting protection initiatives. Learn More

  • woman walking away with seaweed bundles

    Sustainable Seaweed Farming in Zanzibar

    In Tanzania, where seaweed farming is a major industry TNC is collaborating with corporate buyers and the government to train seaweed farmers on best management practices that can protect the environment and increase productivity. Watch a Video

  • sunrise over a river

    Protecting the Wild Heart of Zambia

    A five-year, $21.3 million investment in Zambia’s eastern Kafue Ecosystem will use community-led approaches to address the drivers of biodiversity loss in this important ecological corridor. Read the Article

  • mangrove seedlings

    Meet Kenya's Mangrove Mothers

    All trees have important roles to play in the ecosystem, but mangroves are extra special. On Kenya's coast, a group of super women are working to protect these super trees that buffer storm surge, provide habitat, and absorb large amounts of carbon. Read the Magazine Article